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Jan 9, 2010 7:30am EST
way as we heard from president obama recently. and annette in washington, d.c. writes this, i would like to know if it presents any health hazards. more specifically, harmful radiation that could lead to long-term problems. annette, let me start off by saying this. i travel all the time, i have a wife and three kids who also travel a lot. i want to break this down for you. first of all we're talking about this thing called back scatter x-ray screening. the important thing to sort of notice as you look at images like this is you're actually bouncing some radiation off the scan and it's coming back to the machine. that's how authorities can scan and get images like the ones you're looking at right here. they're trying to look for some dangerous items that might be underneath someone's clothes. but we've checked into this. the radiation is at low levels. again, it's bouncing off the skin, not penetrating the skin or more importantly penetrating your organs. this is unlike a medical x-ray. you know, you get an x-ray like this and you see a hip implant. that's what a medical x-ray looks
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1